The appeal to the people of Donbas

Why is SYNDICATE fighting in Donbas?

The appeal to the people of Donbas

We are all aware of the predicament that has struck our common homeland, Ukraine. That the current tragic war has begun is a fault of the oligarchic clans of all orientations, which have been drinking the blood of the Ukrainian people for the last 23 years. Yanukovych, Lyovochkin, Kolomoiskiy, Akhmetov, Tigipko and Ephremov have plunged our Fatherland, already tormented by Bolshevism and Stalinism, into complete chaos, where only the rich criminals can live, but all the others have to survive.

SYNDIKATE squad on Donbas frontline

For the Victory of the Revolution! Syndicate’s squad on the Donetsk frontline

The present war is effectively the outcome of all those problems that we have encountered in the course of our history. By taking advantage of the public anger, the so-called “Masters of Donbas” pushed the region into the abyss of destruction and degradation under the authority of their Kremlin masters. But the “patriots” in power, the “pro-Ukrainian” oligarchs, are no better and should carry the same guilt. If they had been scrupulous and eliminated Achmetov-Efremov`s gangs this spring, transferring their ill-begotten wealth back to the people of Ukraine, Putin would have had no social resentment to manipulate. But of course, they could not have done it, since they are all a part and parcel of this corrupt and false system.

Therefore, SYNDICATE is not fighting for the Donbas of Ukrainian oligarchs, neither for the redistribution of business assets between Kolomoiskiy and Akhmetov, nor for Poroshenko or Yatsenuk, and definitely not against the Russian-speaking population of the East.

Our war is a continuation of the Ukrainian National revolution, the Revolution of Honour and Decency.

We are fighting in Donbas for:

  • The elimination of the oligarchs and their parliamentary lackeys. All parties, regardless of their names, should be removed from power;
  • The establishment of a responsible and credible goverment of the non-party-affiliated public figures and defenders of the Fatherland;
  • The transfer of capital assets of the oligarchy into the joint management of government-appointed technical experts, trade unions and hired professional managers and supervisors;
  • The destruction of a Neo-Sovietist dictatorship of the so-called “Novorossiya” that brings hunger and devastation, terrors of the new Cheka and NKVD, burglary and robbery.

For the ideals of Kievan Rus’, against the Kremlin-Putin’s Russian Federation, the enemy of both Ukraine and the Russian-speaking population of Donbas.

For the victory of the Revolution!